Ted Shaw

- Intuitive Artist

- Life Coach

~ For the Art of Your Life ~


Aura Portraits and Intentional Mandalas

I paint these in my studio. 
The large ones take several painting sessions over several hours to complete one. 
The colors, patterns, and symbols are channeled. Never timed.
The interpretation of your colors covers many facets of you. (Aura Portraits only)
I read the past, present, and future of your Aura Portrait:

  • Mental aspects
  • Emotional aspects
  • Spiritual aspects
  • Physical aspects

The finished painting(s) are rolled, wrapped and shipped to your location ready for framing. 
The Reading will be recorded in mp3 format and the audio file included in your order.
Shipping and handling costs vary by destination and are prepaid by the buyer. 
Our standard method of shipping is "Best Way" - who ever is offering the best price for the fastest way at the time of shipment. Express charges by request only.
We will help you determine the costs of shipping. 
We encourage our buyers to 
insure your shipments.

Small sized Aura Portraits & Intentional Mandalas ...

  • Private sessions - Block out an hour. 
  • We will be together for most of an hour.
  • The reading is about 1/4 of the session. 
  • The intention for the session is "The most appropriate message for you, at this most appropriate time.”
  • You are welcome to record the audio portion of the reading. 
  • I can record it for you, but no guarantee my equipment will work.

Your investment (all prices quoted in U.S. dollars):
Aura Portraits, small (9" diameter circle)...$90.00 ea.
Intentional Mandalas, small (9" diameter circle)...$150 (max of 1 intention per painting)
Life-Portraits and Intentional Mandalas, large (22"
dia circle)...$500 (max of 3 intentions)

Please allow 3-4 weeks delivery

Contact me for Paypal instructions