Ted Shaw

- Intuitive Artist

- Life Coach

~ For the Art of Your Life ~

“Inspiration” is mixed-media piece painted on heavy-weight, ‘Stonehenge’ paper, which has been mounted to pre-stretched, artist canvas.

It measures 48”x48” square with a 2½” return. It is intended to hang as a diamond 68”x68” but can be hung as a square.

This painting, as the name implies, is an intentional array of colors that interact with the sub-conscience mind in such a way as to stimulate inspiration in the viewer.

As you view this piece, bring your attention to your breath. Allow your gaze to drift freely among the subtle forms, hues, symbols, colors, and shapes. Don’t be surprised when a thought comes to you that offers clarity about a situation you have been uncertain about. Or, new ideas come to you. Do you desire clarity about actions to take to improve or change something? Inspiration may come in this moment, or maybe a bit later - when you least expect it. Enjoy and share.

My intuitive use of vibrant colors, sacred shapes and mystical symbols transcends ego - as well as social and religious boundaries - to open a clear and direct channel to the natural order and flow of those energies that support and encourage transformational alignment of the mind, body and soul of the individual, thereby, elevating their lives and, in turn, their positive contributions to their community. My unique and innovative painting style combines intuition, inspiration and divine guidance with abstract expressionism through the mediums of watercolor, acrylics, essential oils, and proprietary combinations of other mediums. Spiritual, emotional, mental and physical experiences are invoked by the vibrational energy emitting from my "Magic Mirrors". Viewers' experiences have ranged from subtle to extraordinary.